We take pride in the detail and artistry that goes into developing our colorful products! Over the years, we've documented and produced videos of the the care that goes into making our high quality rugs, pillows, bedding, furniture and more!


Company C Goes on a Color Voyage for Fall 2018 Collection

Take a walking tour with Company C Co-Founder and Colorful Living Officer, Christine Chapin around our showroom in High Point, North Carolina. Learn about the story behind the designs, and hear about the inspiration that led to the new fall 2018 collection of rugs, bedding, and home decor.


The Art of Creating a Company C Tufted Rug

On a recent trip to India, Company C captured the art of rug making. It's incredible to watch these gifted artisans as they hand-tufted intricate designs using a mix brightly-colored yarns. The combine a variety of techniques to produce thickly piled rugs with incredible texture.


Artistry of a Company C Handcrafted Pillow

Watch as these Indian artisans create incredibly beautiful and intricate pillows by using a variety of techniques such as embroidery, silk appliqué, hand knots and hand braided. The detail is amazing! And only the finest of materials goes into each creation. Every pillow is a work of art!

The Art of Creating a Hand Printed Duvet Cover

Talented artisans from India create a beautiful and colorful hand printed duvet cover. Company C's video crew carefully documents this incredible process so you can see the skill and patience involved in creating each of our handcrafted duvet covers.


Artisans Weaving a Company C Flatweave Rug

Watch as skilled artisans in India use centuries-old techniques to hand weave flatweave rugs designed by Company C.


Company C Custom Upholstery
Built One Piece at a Time

Watch as artisans create our furniture pieces using only kiln-dried and engineered hardwoods with fitted joints that have been glued and doweled twice and reinforced with angled corner blocks for structural integrity. The fascinating art of eight-way hand tying comes to life as they tie each coil to the frame with premium no-squeak twine at eight separate points creating the most comfortable seating.

Hand-cut, hand-sewn, and hand-tailored, our upholstered furniture is built one piece at a time aligning fabric patterns from top-to-bottom and side-to-side with seamless continuity.


The Art of Making Designs for Colorful Living

Watch our Indian artisans create Company C's incredibly beautiful and intricate pillows, bedding, rugs and more!