Order Samples

To help you with your color and texture decisions, we offer rug samples.
If you have any questions about our sample program, please feel free to email one of our
design specialists at customercare@companyc.com or call 800.818.8288.

At Company C, we understand the purchase of an area rug is an investment in your home. Our dedicated staff is on hand to help you make the right choice. Before ordering and receiving delivery of a large rug, we want you to feel comfortable that you're making the right selection. How can you make that guarantee? Purchase a rug sample - see the vibrant colors and feel the incredible texture prior to your purchase.

Our rug samples are a 1' x 1' section of the rug, individually constructed to meet our quality expectations. By purchasing a sample before buying a rug, you are able to color match to existing home furnishings. After you have the full size rug in your home, the rug sample is perfect when shopping for decorative accessories.

A couple things to note about our rug samples:

  • All 1' x 1' rug samples are individually made; they are not cut from a corner of a large rug. Therefore, every rug sample for a particular style is identical.

  • The pattern is scaled down so that we may fit as much as possible on the 1' x 1' size, but should not be used for design reference. On the back, you will find a full color picture to see the full design. Or, you may check our website for pattern and scaling reference.

  • Samples can be used for color reference since every color in the rug will be represented. However, the exact tones or shades in your rug may vary slightly based on dye lot.

For just $20 you can guarantee the right rug choice for your home! We offer complimentary shipping on all rug samples!

To order a rug sample, simply select a rug and on the product detail page, select a color and then select "1 x 1 Sample" from the size drop down. Add it to your cart and check out when you’re ready. We will remove any shipping charges before we process your order!