Make good products, do good things, be good people. Now that's a good business plan.

Company C is dedicated to being socially responsible. One of our core values is caring for our business partners - employees, customers, and suppliers. This commitment to social responsibility includes adhering to ethical sourcing standards, integrating environmentally sound business practices and contributing to the communities in which we work and live.

Social and Ethical Standards

imageCompany C requires its business partners also be socially responsible. Duties and principles are laid down in cooperative agreements, and we require sourcing partners to commit themselves to operating in line with internationally recommended social and ethical standards.

Every supplier must ensure safe and humane working conditions, protect workers rights, meet minimum wage requirements and adhere to all child labor criteria. Company C and its in-country agents visit production facilities regularly to ensure compliance with its ethical standards.

Promoting Ethical Sourcing

As a member of GoodWeave, Company C can assure buyers that its handmade rugs from India are created without the use of child labor.

Company C wanted to give back to the communities where the majority of the company's rugs are made. By joining other GoodWeave licensees, Company C is taking a stand as an industry leader to transform the labor practices of the handmade rug market. GoodWeave is the only independent certification, requiring manufacturers to open their doors for on-going monitoring and inspection.

A percentage of the cost of every rug sold goes back to the manufacturing countries to support, rescue and educate children. By buying rugs with the GoodWeave label, our customers will make a difference in the lives of children in India.

For more information on GoodWeave and its efforts, please visit (

Contributing to our Communities


Company C is committed to improving the lives of its neighbors through charitable giving and volunteerism by its employees.

Company C was founded on the belief that its colorful and original designs would bring happiness to people in their home surroundings, and further inspire them to share their joy with others to make the world a little happier place. Company C has gifted 10% of pre-tax profits annually to organizations and projects that help improve home, work and family lives of others. Company C also supports the arts in the community.

The criteria Company C uses to evaluate giving opportunities are:

  1. Support for young families and home life. We believe a child's outlook is largely shaped from their home experience. And we encourage efforts to support a safe, supportive and happy home.
  2. Promotion of the arts. We celebrate creative expression and believe our everyday experience can be more beautiful through simple, elegant design and use of colors that stimulate positive emotions.
  3. Company C strives to achieve both a healthy financial and social bottom line. We look to support projects and organizations that in-turn help build awareness of Company C through, for example, co-branding events or newsletter mentions.

To become involved in the community, employees are given the opportunity for paid time off from work to help their favorite causes. Company C also provides in-kind donations to support dealers nationwide who host charitable events.

Environmental Footprint

imageResponsibility for the environment is an integral part of Company C's operations. Environmental legislation and impacts are taken into consideration in the choice of raw materials, chemicals and working methods. The materials used in products are tested regularly for safety and durability. Company C's subcontractors and other partners are also required to commit themselves to shouldering their environmental responsibilities.

We are taking steps everyday to conserve energy and reduce, reuse and recycle material to protect our environment. The establishment of an internal team called "Mission Responsible" focusing on environmental issues has enabled Company C to realize measurable improvements in recycling of materials and reduced energy consumption.

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