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We have a broad array of runners to bring vibrancy to every corner and lead the way from here to there!

Runners are narrow, long rugs that are perfect for hallways, but also terrific for kitchens, bedrooms and other slender spaces. Place two end-to-end for longer halls. They help muffle the sound and scuff of footsteps while also bringing a welcome zing of pretty pattern and luscious color to an often drab and overlooked space. Our runners, like all our rugs, are surged on all sides, which means yarn from the rug is hand-sewn in a blanket stitch along each edge, neatly binding it so the canvas doesn't show through. This gives our rugs extra durability and a polished finish. Runners can continue a pattern from an adjacent room, or provide the perfect opportunity to try something new!

Try our Room Planner to help you find the right size, color and style rug for your room.

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