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$53.40 - $1,197.00
Kick off your shoes and enjoy a seaside stroll atop this beach-inspired beauty. Showcasing a veritable treasure chest of sand dollars surrounded by a shell border, the festive rug is rendered in sunbaked shades of corals, blues, yellows and greens. Imported.
$325.00 - $2,695.00
$97.50 - $2,695.00
Painterly lines in a sensational swirling pattern are drawn from a post-modern work of art designed to create eye-catching appeal in our signature colors. The dense, hand-tufted pile is looped in places using extra chunky yarns to add textural dimension to this fabulous objet d'art for the floor. Made in India
$595.00 - $3,695.00
$357.00 - $2,217.00
Classic Corinthian architecture is brought to lifevia our boldover-scaledand slightly off-center design. Acanthus leaves, scrolls, and fluted sheath motifs are hand tuftedusing a blend of luxurious yarns from chunky and high-twist to multi-colored and tie-dyed loop pile creating adazzling display of texture for the floor. 100% wool, hooked and tufted. Made in India.
$475.00 - $3,695.00
$285.00 - $2,217.00
We found inspiration for this serene stunner in the not-quite-night hues of a crisp evening sky. Hand tufted in oversized loops using super-chunky 100% wool yarns in soft, diffused shades of Aqua, Lake, Green and Ivory which shimmer against a backdrop of midnight blue. A true-blue beauty that works equally well in contemporary or classic spaces. 100% wool, hooked and tufted. Made in India.
$545.00 - $4,195.00
$327.00 - $2,517.00


Though they originated in India, the intricate swirls, teardrops and rich colors of paisley were adopted and adapted so long ago by the British that paisleys are now firmly rooted in English country style. We've taken that timeless motif and reinterpreted it in a boldly overscaled design that's looser, more artistic, and colored in appealing shades of Lapis blue, Moss green, spice red, and golden Dijon. This tufted wool rug incorporates slightly mottled yarns for a greater sense of movement and depth. Made in India.
$545.00 - $2,995.00
$327.00 - $1,797.00
A feast for the senses. An inviting geometric pattern takes center stage between a medallion border on each end. Crafted of pure wool and washed just after tufting to lend this glorious rug a lustrous patina and hand. Made in India.
$89.00 - $1,995.00
$53.40 - $1,197.00
Our refreshing rug sets the blues-are-back-and-bolder-than-ever trend thanks to voluminous florals artfully arranged in varying shades of blue against an indigo ground. Sure to make waves in coastal, classic, or contemporary abodes. Go Blue! Imported.
$56.00 - $745.00
$33.60 - $447.00
Tropical flowers in brilliant color and detail float on a lemon and lime ground. Wherever you place this exuberant rug, you'll feel like you've traveled to a more exotic locale than your own backyard. Imported.
$56.00 - $695.00
$33.60 - $417.00
Meet our new favorite perfect pairing: Mottle and Marl. Of course, we're referring to the fun, distinctive technique whereby multicolored yarns are twisted together and hand-hooked to create variegated colors in our fresh, geometric pattern. Hand hooked with 100% polypropylene yarns. Anchored by stunning, brick-colored background. Imported.
$98.00 - $2,250.00
$58.80 - $1,350.00
Like an enchanting kaleidoscope or magnificent mosaic tile floor, the Tara rug marries a floral medallion pattern with vivid color and three-dimensional texture. The motifs are raised in a chunky hooked wool, while the cream background is hooked in a lower, tighter loop. In shades of orange, red and leaf green with pops of turquoise, this is a feast for the eyes. Imported.