Hand Loomed Rugs

$175.00 - $3,545.00
$122.50 - $2,481.50
Inspired by traditional Irish knits handcrafted in the Aran Islands for over a hundred years, we reimagined this hand-woven beauty for the floor. Made of 100% New Zealand wool with the same fisherman-inspired cabling you'll find on the Aran originals. Makes a warm and inviting statement for your home. Made in India.
$325.00 - $2,695.00


Our hand-made Brushstroke rug comes alive on a canvas of hand-tufted pure wool, and is enlivened by a melange of muted colors and a painterly design. Made in India.
$325.00 - $2,695.00
$227.50 - $1,886.50
So enticing-we couldn't help calling It "Stripe Tease!" We combined dazzling rays of color pulled from our spectrum of signature hues with an inviting, high-to-low texture to create not only a fun place to kick back but an endlessly exuberant piece for your home. Hand-loomed. 100% wool. Made in India.