Hand Loomed Rugs

$175.00 - $2,445.00
$52.50 - $733.50
Eye catching isn't it? This bold beauty has its origins in Greece, where soft, fluffy rugs have been a tradition for centuries. Using 100% pure New Zealand wool, our plush pile flokati is meticulously woven by hand. Its irresistible palette of red, blue, green, toffee and ivory is achieved thanks to 'gabbeh' dyed wool that produces subtle shades of color within each yarn. The combination of vibrant Ikat and an invitingly warm texture make this rug a great choice for ski house or urban oasis. Made in India.
$175.00 - $3,545.00
Inspired by traditional Irish knits handcrafted in the Aran Islands for over a hundred years, we reimagined this hand-woven beauty for the floor. Made of 100% New Zealand wool with the same fisherman-inspired cabling you'll find on the Aran originals. Makes a warm and inviting statement for your home. Made in India.
$325.00 - $2,695.00
$325.00 - $2,695.00


Our hand-made Brushstroke rug comes alive on a canvas of hand-tufted pure wool, and is enlivened by a melange of muted colors and a painterly design. Made in India.
$325.00 - $2,695.00
So enticing-we couldn't help calling It "Stripe Tease!" We combined dazzling rays of color pulled from our spectrum of signature hues with an inviting, high-to-low texture to create not only a fun place to kick back but an endlessly exuberant piece for your home. Hand-loomed. 100% wool. Made in India.