Cleaning and Care for Rugs & Bedding

Cleaning & Caring for Your Company C Bedding:
To keep your Company C bedding smooth, soft and beautiful for years to come, follow the washcare tips on your specific bedding label, as these take into account fabric quality, printing techniques, and specialty details. 


Cleaning & Caring for Your Company C Pillows:
To keep your Company C pillows beautiful for years to come, follow the care tips on your specific pillow label, as these take into account fabric quality, printing techniques, and specialty details. 

Note: all pillow covers are removable.


Cleaning & Caring for Your Company C Shawls & throws:
To keep your Company C throws soft and beautiful for years to come, follow the care tips on your specific product label, as these take into account fiber quality. 


Cleaning & Caring for Your Company C Rug:
The kids...the dog...a clumsy party guest. Accidents happen. In fact, removal of spots and spills is one of the most crucial areas of rug maintenance. When anything is dropped or spilled, quick response with the proper cleaning material can save the day...and your rug!

When it comes to wool rug care, the best answer is to keep it simple! Natural lanolin in fibers gives inherent stain repellency. Rugs are actually quite easy to care for - just vacuum regularly, rotate occasionally and spot clean immediately. To extend the life and beauty of your wool rug we recommend using a rug pad, keeping it clean and limiting exposure to sunlight. Here are some of our wool care recommendations:

Rug Pads: A rug underlay pad will help your rug stay in place and provide cushioning and airflow. Airflow reduces moisture buildup between rug and the floor, extending the life of your rug.

Our rugs are rigorously tested for color fastness. However, direct and sustained sunlight can fade fiber colors over time. To enjoy your rug colors longer, we recommend placing your rug in an area where the sunlight is filtered by window coverings. We also recommend rotating your rug periodically so that any fading that occurs will be less noticeable.

The most important thing to do is to regularly vacuum your rug, especially in high traffic areas. Take it slow with your vacuum to give the machine time to lift the dirt out. On occasion, you should fold back the rug to vacuum under the pad where dirt can accumulate after filtering through the rug. It is best not to use the beater bar, using the floor setting instead. This will reduce the chance of loops or ends being pulled by the rotating brush.

If there are small piles of loose fiber on your carpet, DON’T PANIC! The first few times you vacuum your carpet there will be a little bit of shedding. Shedding is completely normal.

Cleaning at regular intervals - rather than waiting until the rug is heavily soiled - actually extends its life. And when rug life is increased, so is the return on your investment. Properly maintained rugs enhance the appearance and atmosphere of interiors.

Click here  for special cleaning and care instructions for your ColorSpree® indoor/outdoor rug.

When accidents happen to your wool rug:
Please note: The below instructions are specific to your Company C wool rugs. We also recommend visiting for additional wool rug cleaning and care information. 

Speed is of the essence and applying the right treatments promptly will help prevent stains and damage. The following steps will help you deal with spills and spots you may encounter:

  • In the case of spilt liquids, the recommended method is to blot the spill with an absorbent, white cloth. If solids are spilt, they should be scooped or picked up quickly. Any remaining residue should then be treated.
  • Treat the spot according to the cleaning instruction chart below. When applying cleaning agents, follow instructions on the packaging and use a small quantity at a time. Always test first in an inconspicuous area.
  • Apply spot removal agent to a clean towel or cloth, not directly to the spot. Use small quantities at a time. Always work inwards from the edge to prevent spreading. Do not rub, as this may cause the spot to spread or distort the pile. Do not over-wet the rug pile.
  • Afterwards, blot as dry as possible with clean towel.



A) Blot with cold water.

B) Treat with detergent solution or WoolClean Spot Remover 1.

C) Treat with methylated mineral spirits, turpentine or WoolClean Spot Remover 2.

D) Chill with aerosol freezing agent or ice cubes in a plastic bag. Pick or scrape off gum.

E) Blot with warm water.

F) Treat with clear nail polish remover (preferably acetone).

G) Treat with isopropyl alcohol.

I) Sprinkle absorbent dry compound cleaner. (Host®, Capture®, or Dri-Matic®)

Make your own detergent solution.

Mix one teaspoon of clear dish washing liquid or detergent powder (containing no bleaches or strong alkalis) with a cup of luke-warm water or use Wool Clean Spot Remover 1. Once the stain has been treated with this solution, the spot must be rinsed with fresh water.

Warning: Some chemicals are hazardous (corrosive, flammable, toxic, etc.) and should be used with great care, strictly in accordance with their safety instructions.

Source: Cleaning Instruction Guide © Wools of New Zealand


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